The Agency was approached to position new fragrances at top-tier retailers in New York for this luxury brand based in London. With top of the line and limited per bottle varieties, Gotham has placed Amouage as a trailblazer in quality and indulgence.  

Brett Johnson Collection

Gotham PR as Agency of Record, facilitated in the debut line of menswear designer, Brett Johnson. Spearheading the roll out of nation wide trunk shows unveiling the refined young designers knack for class and panache, along with several luxury media partners, Gotham has put the collection on the map in the world of menswear.  A true labor of love, GPR has launched the brand since day one in 2013.         


Gotham PR as Agency of Record, championed a brand ambassador & influencer campaign with the biggest names in hiphop through national marketing VIP events & press coverage. The legendary brand, associated with luxury and prestige, in connection with the Agency has endured as a premiere and esteemed presence in the spirits market.      

Hudson Furniture

Gotham PR as Agency of Record launched Hudson Furniture in 2003. They proceeded to assist, grow and promote this sophisticated sustainable design company over the past eight years, throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia. The partnership that has transpired between Gotham and Hudson has truly thrust the design powerhouse to the forefront as the preeminent authority in all things sculptural and refined.    


Gotham PR's prowess in hospitality, fashion and entertainment coalesced at a series of special events held at this iconic New York destination. The ambiance alongside the epitome of a timeless and classic era has been a dynamic choice for numerous Gotham PR events.

Kohn Pedersen Fox

Approached to champion and unify this architectural practice, Gotham PR has highlighted the diverse firm as one which contributes not only to the built environment but also to the global community.


Michael Dawkins Home

The Agency has propelled Michael Dawkins Home to new heights through strategic placement and precise execution. Launched from the ground up, the talented interior designer’s elegant home furnishings, accessories and art and in tandem with Gotham PR, has curated a brand now synonymous with luxury and sophistication.    

Morris Adjmi Architects

Gotham PR, through considerable press coverage via our endless network of news and media alongside defined business development partnerships has propelled this innovative brand to the next level. MA, with their deep-rooted Italian history in collaboration with Gotham PR’s global partnerships, has helped cultivate a brand that is the go to for design that is both contemporary and timeless. 

Patricia Field

The Agency secured multiple business development and creative partnerships for the maverick of fashion. Perhaps known best for her outstanding vision and countless iconic projects, Gotham PR has curated numerous successful events highlighting the work of the designer who has become synonymous with New York City itself.  

Relative Space

The Agency has tactically positioned this family owned flooring business as the paramount authority for fusing sustainability and design through consistent top tier media coverage in design and architectural publications.